eyebrow waxing Santa Fe NM

Are you one of those people who was born with a unibrow? You don't have to live with it, you know. At Brazilian Waxing Boutique, we offer a splendid selection of salon services, including long lasting eyebrow waxing. Santa Fe NM is where you'll find us at 3952 North Academy Boulevard.

Would you like your whole body to be as sleek as a seal this summer? Come to Brazilian Waxing Boutique. A basic bikini wax, a classic Brazilian or a full Hollywood can provide you with the smoothness you desire. If you don't know about Brazilian Waxing Boutique, you may well spend half your summer shaving and plucking before slipping into your bikini and hitting the pool. Wouldn't it be more fun to wake up in the morning with an immaculately groomed bikini zone and perfect eyebrows? Ask any of our clients, and they are sure to tell you that bikini and eyebrow waxing Santa Fe NM at Brazilian Waxing Boutique are the only way to go.

When done properly and by a trained aesthetician, waxing is quick and easy. Of course, you will be in a private room with a female aesthetician. If you would like a paper drape, we would be happy to give you one. If you enjoy wearing thong bathing suits, you really ought to consider getting a Brazilian wax. Have your eyebrow waxing Santa Fe NM done at the same time. Bring a friend and make a day of it. Trying to think up a great gift idea? How about a handful of generous gift certificates for facials and eyebrow waxing Santa Fe NM? A spray tan will give you a marvelous head start on summertime fashion. If you've been making the drive to Denver or Boulder every time you need salon services, you can stop doing that right now. Santa Fe NM is where you will find Brazilian Waxing Boutique at 3952 North Academy Boulevard.

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eyebrow waxing Santa Fe NM