Awesome. This place is cute, clean, inexpensive, and fast. The girls are super nice, and good at what they're doing. I used to go to aveda for my Brazilians but take it from me, this place is infinitely better than paying twice as much, and having it take three times as long! Most estheticians try to take their time, doing small strips but the estheicians here try to get you in and out quickly. It is so much better to just get it over with!
- Nicole 1/4/2011

Three things you look for in a waxing salon: clean environment, friendly staff, and professional work. BWB has it at plus more! Amazing and pain free waxing (thought it could never be so) and the best part was the great price for a full Brazillian wax!!!
- Renukah H 2/7/2012

Amazing!! This place is amazing! I've been getting waxed for years and always dreaded the appointments. This was super fast, nearly painless, and half the cost of most places. I've told all my friends and will never go anywhere else!
- Lori 5/7/2011

This is hands down, no questions asked the BEST place to get waxed in Albuquerque. The facility is beautiful and calming, and the staff is soo proffesional and friendly. Plus, the prices are outrageously inexpensive, and they do it so fast that I can come on my lunch break, get waxed, and still have time for a quick bite to eat afterward. I will never go anywhere else, and neither should you!
- Katie 4/16/2011

10 minutes for a bikini wax. The salon is decorated really cute and the girls are super sweet. I will definitely be going there for my future wax appointments.
- Vanessa 4/2/2011