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You can walk down any sidewalk in Santa Fe NM, and never know who's had a Brazilian wax. Santa Fe NM is a great little town, but until Brazilian Waxing Boutique arrived, a person had to go as far as Denver for a decent professional wax job. Find our salon at 3952 North Academy Boulevard, Suite E.

Juracy, Jussara, Jocely, Jonice, Janea, Joyce and Judseia are collectively known as The J Sisters. Why are we informing you of this? Here's why: In the mid 1990s, these seven sisters became pioneers in what is now known as the Brazilian style of body waxing. The J sisters grew up in the tropical South American country of Brazil, where personal grooming is very important to both sexes. Bathing suits are splendidly skimpy in Brazil, and shaving leaves unattractive red bumps around the bikini zone. A Brazilian wax Santa Fe NM removes all of the hair around this sensitive area. Most women opt to leave a narrow 'landing strip' along the mons. If you prefer, you may request to have that front area waxed clean, too. If you wish to have a trained and discreet aesthetician remove the hair around your anal area, as well, ask for a full Hollywood wax.

Before you arrive for your Brazilian wax Santa Fe NM, please remember a few things. First, don't even schedule a waxing until your hair is one quarter of an inch in length. Any shorter than that, and it's impossible for the warm soft wax to take hold. Pop a mild painkiller an hour before your scheduled Brazilian wax Santa Fe NM, and you may experience less discomfort during and after the procedure. Exfoliate the night before your session. On the day of your appointment, please refrain from using any sort of oil or lotion on the areas to be waxed.

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brazilian wax Santa Fe NM